Training singers

Vocal Coach

My journey as a vocal coach began totally for fun when some of my closest friends started asking me for tips on how to sing better. I’ve always been a voice enthusiast, and my tips, at that time, were mainly based upon my personal experiences as a singer. At first, I was very surprised by their satisfaction at seeing results after putting into practice my suggestions.

When, for my YouTube channel, I started collaborating with other professional and amateur singers, the opportunities to give advice grew substantially, especially when we had to prepare songs together and then record them in the studio. Our collaborations always ended with them saying: “Why don’t you do that for a living?” and “May I call you in case I need your help for my next recording?”

It was during those collaborations that I truly realized how all the years of study in the US, my experience as a recording and touring artist in Thailand, my over 100 recordings for my YouTube channels and more, enriched my life with pieces of knowledge that I had taken for granted but that, in practice, were not that obvious at all.

I became aware that my passion for the singing voice and my experience could really help other people. Since I’m a perfectionist and I like doing things well, I started studying to become a professionally trained vocal coach. I always say, “One thing is singing, a different thing is communicating knowledge and skills”.

It may sound obvious, but I believe that being aware that I’ve been helpful to someone is one of the greatest satisfactions, and this is the reason why I’m here, doing what I do and writing these lines.